The role of integrity in building credibility

integrity and credibility

Enough of fine-sounding words. Enough of unbearable promises. Words without deeds lead nowhere.Yet, how many companies base their communication on lies ? Too many. Maybe your closest competitors. Maybe you…

Are your words and thoughts aligned with your actions ? Do you consider yourself to have integrity ? More than that. Do people around you consider you to have integrity ?

As you may know, integrity is the core of our identity. As a human being. And as a business too. For the latter, integrity plays a crucial role in establishing credibility and leading to success.

But because of its importance, integrity needs to be played carefully. From the moment you act following your ethic, you will successfully build trust and credibility with people : your employees, your partners, your customers. And also in a more intimate sphere.

On the flip side, acting unethically, you will risk damaging your relationships. And in a ripple effect your reputation.

So to succeed in your business, you need to shape and nurture your credibility. At all cost. And for that integrity is a major help. Because it makes you do the right things for the right reasons. You are aligned with your morals.

Existing boundaries

Integrity is like a Cristal de Baccarat. Something unique, a fragile value, which must be protected. Preserving your credibility as a business leads to thinking carefully of the choices and promises you’d make. More important, to not make a commitment that you can’t barely keep.

If that happens – believe me it happens – It is your responsibility to recognise your mistake and act accordingly to prove that you are aware of the situation you have created. To have integrity is first of all to be accountable.

If credibility were a pyramid, then your character and integrity would make up the foundation.

Don’t get me wrong though. To have integrity doesn’t mean you have to handle important things. The smallest step can have an impact on your credibility and reputation.

Importance of integrity

Life becomes simple when you listen and make morally correct choices. Your actions and existence are transparent to all, relieving you of the need to conceal anything.

By embodying integrity, you earn the confidence of people around you. Your business becomes a reliable entity who holds herself accountable for its deeds, setting an example for others to emulate.

This, in turn, directly influences your achievements. Individuals who exhibit integrity in their professional lives are more likely to be considered for advancements. Why? Because integrity is a defining characteristic of ethical leadership, and organizations seek leaders they can rely on. When you demonstrate integrity, you exhibit to everyone that you are trustworthy.

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