The Right Time to Conduct an SEO Audit

when to conduct an seo audit

The audit is a crucial stage in SEO services. It’s so pivotal that there are multiple scenarios in which an SEO audit is more than advisable. In this article, I’ll outline instances where an SEO audit is highly recommended.

SEO Audit during the Creation of a New Website

An SEO audit isn’t only for reviewing existing websites. It can also serve as a technical consideration when launching a new site. Factors such as HTML structure, the decision to use certain languages, tagging, site hierarchy, and content – an SEO audit helps in proper preparation.

SEO Audit during a Website Overhaul

During a website redesign, the SEO audit identifies areas for improvement, ensuring that the new version will outperform the original. During this overhaul, one could argue that the SEO audit acts as a safeguard transitioning from the old site version to the new, both technically and editorially.

SEO Audit after a Sharp Decline in Organic Ranking

An audit of your website is beneficial when you or your service provider notice a significant drop in organic ranking, typically resulting in decreased traffic. A diagnostic will quickly pinpoint the problem areas, prompting necessary adjustments.

However, it’s essential to note that a decline in traffic doesn’t necessarily equate to a drop in your revenue or leads. If the decrease doesn’t affect your business operations, there’s no need for immediate corrective actions, though regular monitoring might be wise.

SEO Audit following a Steep Drop in Leads or Revenue

While a decrease in traffic is one concern, a plunge in revenue or form-generated contacts is another matter. If your organic ranking decline directly affects your performance, analyzing the issue to address it swiftly becomes paramount.

SEO Audit when Starting Services with an SEO Consultant

If it’s your first time collaborating with an SEO consultant or agency, an audit of your website is invaluable, if not essential. Through this SEO analysis, both you and your provider can gain holistic insights into your situation. This initial site audit will lay the groundwork for creating an SEO strategy.

SEO Audit when Switching SEO Providers

If your current provider isn’t meeting expectations and you’re considering a change, an SEO audit will be necessary. This will allow the new provider to gauge the quality of prior work and thus better understand your context.

Having clearer insights will empower your new provider with greater flexibility in their actions, making their decisions more accurate and effective.

SEO Audit during a Significant Change in Your Business (e.g., rebranding, new offerings)

Should you encounter business-altering changes like mergers, rebranding, or introducing a new replacement product for an outdated one, an SEO audit will enable you to make these shifts without adversely affecting, or better yet, while controlling the impact on your organic ranking.

SEO Audit when Organic Ranking Stagnates

Developing a site without following a structured strategy often leads to aimless progress and the bitter realization that efforts aren’t yielding results. By conducting an audit of your website, the SEO consultant can identify the obstacles hindering your growth. Often, it boils down to addressing minor yet pivotal details that make all the difference.

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