Hello, I'm Benjamin​

I’m 34 years old and soon 12 as a BtoB brand content strategist

I could introduce myself by telling you about my studies, my background, but I think it’s more interesting for us if I tell you who I really am, my perception of my job, even of the world, and how my values affect my work – for the better, I assure you.

How did it all start?

The first real step I took into the professional world was through SEO. I remember it very well, I was in charge of following up with my manager at the time, the redesign of a website for a big French brand in the construction industry.

It was the first time I had the opportunity to observe a site from every angle. And without being cliché, I must admit that it clicked in my head. It was a new and complex experience for me and that’s what made me curious and want to know more.

Reflexes came very quickly and alongside that, rather at the same time, I discovered the world of digital marketing, this sort of gigantic eco-system in which we are immersed despite ourselves.

I learned and studied a lot in a very short time. I was in demand, I liked it, it was a solitary game where each click of the mouse led me to push my « critical eye » further and further, even if at the time I was very young, I think only 23-24 years old, and so my critical eye was still in its infancy.

What values do I hold dear?

I am convinced that I have always had this kind of curiosity and deep empathy towards others. I was and still am attracted by what the other person can express and feel.

I am naturally not very talkative and over the years I have made up for this lack of words by listening with great sincerity. This has often led me to launch only a few sentences into conversations that could last an eternity.

I find that listening is a forgotten value, especially in these days when the flow of words, discussions, are short, brutal, deliberately inappropriate and people need to rediscover it to communicate better.

Over the years, I have built up very good relationships with the people I have met in the web world. Whether I met them in person or through social networks.