I’ve been raised in a world where one forbidden me to meet the risk. A world in which I was cut off from all envy and necessity to DO, to feel, to experiment. In other words, I grew up in a world in which everything fell into my lap, for the sole purpose of protecting me from a brutal reality that it was not decent for a child to see. 

Ho ! I won’t say I didn’t have good times during my childhood but with hindsight I can assert this world appears to be gray to me, borrowed from a false flavor of life. I lived in abundance but something was missing, a vacuum. 

Little by little I learned to fill this void by isolating myself and creating my own world. Even at a very young age I had a fertile imagination, I invented a lot of things, I spent my time as a child on that. 

I was also quickly taken by an overflowing need to read, to learn about all kinds of subjects, as complementary as different. Finally, a thirst to discover the world as it was, as I was not supposed to see it. Both beautiful and dangerous

benjamin bar


I fed this curiosity about the world and I still feed it, always through my reading. Throughout the ages, my curiosity has been accompanied by a keen observation of my surroundings. I am the kind of man who enjoys being behind the scenes, looking at the world moving. I enjoy looking at the details of building, people’s behavior. 

From this state of observation I also aspire to create bonds with the people I meet. Strange as it may seem, the relationships I create and nurture are strong, intimate, I don’t leave myself room to disappoint or betray the person in front of me. 

I think this loyalty comes from the fact that I didn’t grow up with my parents. But that’s another story I’ll tell you another day. 

Meeting people fills me with a certain energy but I have to admit that I get exhausted very quickly. I consider myself an introvert and my wife will not tell you otherwise. An introvert who needs human contact is quite paradoxical but it is an almost vital need for me. I need it to build my world, and to assert myself to others.

This will to feed myself with the world, to discover the other in what is more true and of more depth I put it at the service of my work. I don’t simply aspire to make a website evolve, to make it better referenced because that is only a technical value that can be mastered with practice. 

But I also and above all insist on creating a close link with my clients, I wish that they too can observe their world as I can observe mine and understand it. So that in the end they emerge mature and above all unique.