I help you use your singularity to build an effective semantic search strategy that serve your public. 

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Times are changing, SEO with it, the visibility of your website on search engines like Google, no longer relies on the simple notion of keywords. From now on, we need to create meaningful answers related to search queries and the best way to achieve it depends on building a semantic framework.

Because I believe your company deserves to be more easily discoverable for both users and search engines – and more profitable as well – I commit to make your digital presence as seamless and attractive as possible.

The art of questioning

As I told you above, I will not play the “keywords volume game” with you. Not because it doesn’t work anymore but because it is useless as search engines have transformed thanks to machine learning.

Instead, I’m going to focus your attention on a long list of questions that will allow us to define and bring together, in a way that is both subtle and meaningful, the elements inherent in developing your brand online.

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