Creating content means bringing together two different languages

I know. It can be tough to create content. Especially for industrial companies like yours. Often, you wonder what the purpose of such a practice is. A line of thought that stems from a misunderstanding of the value of content for the web.

As SEO, I mean to make your understanding easier. 

Start to look at content as a conversation opposing 2 different languages.  

Your readers one and yours. 

This is simply explained by the fact that you both find in two opposite contexts. That of an information seeker (play by your reader) and that of an information provider (your company).

The former is aware of missing knowledge about a topic. He is certain of it and embarks on a quest for information. But he does it in a disorganized way. And given the little knowledge he has on his subject, he tends to describe it with vague words. 

As soon as he has finished his laborious information search, his state of knowledge has improved. He is still aware of his shortcomings but he is more capable of defining them and using what is called in French, le mot juste.

Words that fit more with the right vocabulary. The one used by your company.  

The latter is you who plays the role of the expert. You represent knowledge. You have the understanding that your reader does not possess and is seeking, without knowing how to express it with the right words.

Sorry, le mot juste. 

Your role, then, is to put yourself in the place of your reader. And to initiate a dialogue with them using their words, not yours.

 It is at this precise moment that content creation becomes interesting. This moment when you have to use words that may not exactly match the reality of the topic explored.

Do not be mistaken. Creating content that appropriates the reader’s language becomes more magnetic. The impact is radical.

Imagine… You have successfully initiated a conversation

You now have the freedom to guide the direction of this dialogue to enrich your reader’s understanding. And thus, influence its satisfaction from having read your work.

The worst mistake you could make is to be centered on your expertise, and to spread it to anyone who has the courage to understand.

If you are convinced that your jargon will be heard, then I am convinced that your content will not receive the expected attention. 

I can’t leave you without giving you something. I’m sure you want to create content that impacts your readers’ decision-making. For that, you need to ask the right questions. The more you play the empathy card, the more successful you will be in adopting the words your audience uses.

Start with these 4 questions:

Who am I talking to?

What is the level of knowledge of these people about the subject I am discussing?

Why would these people seek information on this subject?

How can I facilitate their information gathering?

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