Hiring a SEO consultant : an introduction

hire a seo consultant

Up until now, I didn’t know how to begin this post. My intent was to provide you with some insightful information – or at least I hope so – about how you can hire a Freelance SEO Consultant like myself.

Honestly, I’m not a fan of lengthy blog post formats. You know, the kind of endless posts you find yourself scrolling through repeatedly. So, it was clear to me not to propose that format to you. Instead, I decided on a series of shorter posts, each covering a specific topic to remember when hiring a freelance SEO consultant.

Consider this piece as an introduction to a series of posts I’ll publish over the next few weeks.

So… once again, my intent is to discuss with you how to hire or work with an SEO consultant, particularly freelancers. Having worked in SEO for 13 years, four of which as a freelancer, my numerous interactions with company directors and marketing managers have greatly informed my understanding of the relationships that bind us.

I’ve experienced the worst and the best of these relationships. Naturally, I want to share my experiences and thoughts. I’m not suggesting that I hold the ultimate truth. My wish is simply to share, once again, my perspective on how to approach your relationship with an SEO. And, of course, that starts with knowing how to choose the right one for you. How can you be sure of your decision? What should you be wary of? And so on…

For me, the observation is simple, I don’t see a lot of simplification or publication about how to work or hire an SEO. It’s still very nebulous and in the end, nobody wins. Especially not you.

Because often, you will seek information with the resources you have. You will look around a bit on Google Map, social networks… Try to discern who might be more trustworthy or more expert than others.

But always with this big doubt that comes from the fact that it’s the first time you’re commiting in this. So no point of comparison. No support for your reflections, your choices, your worries. You are alone and I would even say vulnerable.

And I don’t want that. In fact, I’ve had enough of business owners who are on their second or third agency, or their second or third freelance SEO, and who aren’t making progress. For them, SEO, pardon my language, is a world of crooks, opportunists who take advantage of their technical knowledge to extract maximum money from hopeful individuals.

I say this because most of my clients fit this description. People who have agreed to proposals from freelancers or agencies and then found themselves even more in doubt, with no greater guarantees of success, control, or progress. And as a bonus, they’ve developed a certain animosity towards us.

Hence the reason for this series of posts on the right way to hire an SEO. So that your choice brings you peace of mind, certainty, and an intellectual maturity in relation to your knowledge of the web. And of course, that this will allow your business to prosper.

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