Are title tags longer than 60 characters bad for your SEO ?

or just bad for the display on the SERPs ?

After hearing and reading too often that title tags « must » be written between 50 and 55 characters long, one could almost believe that if they are longer it’s bad. I’ll tell you right now whether your title tag is 50 characters or 100, same results.

Does the length of the title tag have an impact on the ranking of a page? 

Example here with a test page, the title tag is 63 characters long and has always been ranked on search queries.

Here is another example with a page having a title tag with 48 characters

Quite frankly I could give you examples like that by the kilo, with even better results in terms of rankings. But to make a long story short, NO, the length of the title tag does not influence the SEO of a page. 

So be careful, if you think of writing a long title tag, your text and description must be consistent with the subject of the page. Taking up space for the sake of taking up space has no interest, I remind you that the title tag is there to present the overall topic of a page. 

Moreover, Google itself says so, and although we can’t trust it about many recommendations, we must admit that it hits the nail on the head. 

Also avoid unnecessarily long or verbose text in your <title> elements

Now we know that a long title tag does not affect the SEO of a page, but does it affect its display? 

Long title tags are voluntarily truncated on the SERPs

Google says: 

Also avoid unnecessarily long or verbose text in your <title> elements, which is likely to get truncated when it shows up in search results

A fact that can be observed very quickly

Here is a view of the SERPs on computer, the title tag is 87 characters long and we can see that it is naturally truncated by Google (from the 62nd character)

Rest assured, the fact that Google truncates the title tag after a certain number of characters does not damage its relevance and effectiveness. Only the writing of the title tag influences the positioning of a page, so be careful with the words you use, especially the first ones.


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