SEO Audit

Get a pre-strategy perspective

Small and medium-sized enterprises like yours are facing a significant challenge. You are generally aware that natural search engine optimisation (SEO) is an opportunity to grasp in order to grow your business. Yet, you may not be familiar with the basic elements that characterise building visibility online.

From what I observe, you tend to put the cart before the horse. You are attentive to the advice that we, as SEO consultants, can provide, albeit with a certain nonchalance. You quickly show signs of impatience and want to act and see results immediately.

What’s paradoxical is that you are well aware that SEO takes time. You may be less informed that SEO also requires, above all, extensive preparation. One of the first steps – if not the very first – in this preparation is to conduct an audit of your site.

What is an SEO audit ?

An SEO audit is an operation that aims to assess whether your website meets the various relevance criteria of search engines. It serves to both identify the elements blocking your visibility and pinpoint the favourable elements, which we will refer to as opportunities.


What will you find in an SEO audit?

The structure of an audit is quite simple, as it typically follows the triptych of SEO, namely technique, content, and popularity. For example, an audit will address:

  • The indexing status of your site (are your pages listed in the search engines’ databases?)
  • The crawl status of your site (are there any obstacles to reading your site, such as 404 errors?)
  • The hierarchy of your pages (are they structured with the correct tags?)
  • The semantic and lexical quality of your pages
  • The number of links that your pages receive

In my case, I conduct the audit in a more detailed manner, incorporating other aspects such as:

  • Your presence on social media
  • The use or non-use of named entities in your content
  • The topical map (your ability to develop content around a subject to cover it)
  • Your local visibility (Google My Business listing, presence in local directories, local press, etc.)
  • Influence relays (business partners, collaborators, personalities)
  • Your role as a content creator on other platforms

I find it reductive to focus solely on the visibility of a website. To exist on the web, it is essential to be in several different (but relevant) places, hence my desire to conduct an audit that covers many areas.

what's inside an seo audit
after seo audit

What happens once the SEO audit is performed ?

As soon as I have finished observing all of the elements that I have mentioned to you (and those that I have not mentioned), I will provide you with my observations in the form of a document that spans several tens of pages.

I want to clarify this for you, an audit is quite a voluminous document. If you have been told that an audit is about 10 pages or worse, an Excel spreadsheet with just a few rows and columns, then flee. You will truly be wasting time and money.

At the end of this report, you will find what I call a set of recommendations. A few pages where the most important observations will be noted. These recommendations will allow us to outline the initial lines of a future SEO strategy.

What is the cost of an SEO audit ?

It all depends on what we define as expensive. Personally, I offer two pricing options depending on the size of your company. If you are interested in an SEO audit, please know that I will ask for a 30% deposit upon signing. The remaining amount is due upon delivery.

Here are the details of my rates:

Big website SEO audit

Website with more than 500 pages
$ 2500
  • 30% deposit : 750 $
  • Remaining amount due upon delivery : 1750 $

Small website SEO audit

Website with less than 500 pages
$ 1500
  • 30% deposit : 540 $
  • Remaining amount due upon delivery : 1260 $

How long does it take to deliver the SEO audit?

Everything will depend on my workload, both in terms of conducting the audit and the other projects I’m engaged in. Generally, I perform an SEO audit between 1 and 3 days. I want to reassure you that I am a very transparent person, and I do not hesitate to update my clients on the progress of the audit so that you maintain a sense of timing.