No content without a strategic perspective

no content without strategic perspective

Our biggest concern today is not taking the time to do things properly. This is felt everywhere, including in the way you manage your visibility. 

So far be it from me to lecture you, we’re not here for that. On the other hand, I can tell you that by not taking the time to think about your strategy calmly, you are heading for trouble that is hard to get out of.  

In fact, I’d like to stress one specific point, Content Creation. Without a real and sincere strategic vision, you can’t imagine how much you are limiting your field of possibilities. 

That’s why you tend to produce only content to promote your products and nothing else.

And unfortunately, this editorial orientation has the knack of bringing few results and quickly running you out of steam. Going further, the absence of a strategic vision for your content does not facilitate the creation of a bond between your brand and your public.  

Playing blind without a cane or a dog

You know what? Let’s take the argument a little further. In all modesty, I think it’s pretty easy to see that a company creates content without a well thought-out strategy. 

It’s as obvious as the nose on your face. More seriously, if you try this approach to making yourself visible you will be going down a bottomless hole. 

A hole that you will dig yourself because without a strategic vision: 

  • you will produce poor content. In the sense that you won’t have thought about your editorial line, your tone, the informational organs, the goals of your content, your public… we can go on like this for another hour. 
  • You will not be exploiting your point of view, on your profession, on a trend, on an emotion, on a personality. In short, your opinion will be safe in your pocket.
  • You will create content that is just as opportunistic as the others. No information architecture will be thought of, which will not lead your content to have the desired impact. Especially if you are thinking of using your content to improve your SEO.

Adopt a strategic posture 

By taking the time to build a strategy, you produce better content, that goes without saying. The creation is more organised, simpler, with clear objectives. 

One of which is to make your brand more appealing to your audience without trampling on its identity or culture. 

Ultimately, adopting a strategic posture will reinforce the relevance and performance of your content and also allow you to : 

  • Attract a well-defined audience
  • Support your brand’s authority in an area of expertise
  • Improve aesthetic recognition of your brand

There is only good to come out of defining a real editorial strategy, especially when the stake is to improve your brand image and your turnover. But for that, you will have to respect some steps that I will talk about later. 

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